浴室组织技巧While organizing doesn't exactly come naturally to me (I named this site vwin appA Beautiful Mess for a reason – I am very messy!)世界上几乎没有什么比在家里留出一个下午来整理空间更让人感觉舒服的了。我最喜欢的是那些被忽视的空间——冰箱的内部,or the laundry room or today's project: our master bathroom.主卫生间的特点是它是你一天中看到的第一个也是最后一个房间,所以它可以设置音调。如果乱七八糟又紧张,even if it is just a bathroom,it can start things off on the wrong foot,你知道的??

Anyway,我们非常高兴能与之合作宜家,我们最喜欢买得起的地方之一,good-looking home goods.组织会很快变得昂贵,and I'm not exactly looking to spend the big bucks on those types of purchases.So when I find a source that's cute AND inexpensive,这是双赢。以下是我在本帖中使用的产品://3/4/

And now,关于我给你安排浴室的建议!!

浴室组织技巧Tip #1.Collect containers.

当我组织一个空间时,我喜欢尝试很多不同的容器。功能显然是最重要的,但当她们也很漂亮的时候,这当然不会伤害她们,,like these baskets.

不同尺寸的一致容器非常有用!I like to mix two types of containers in any given space.Here I mixed clear acrylic boxes with wicker baskets.我总是买得比我需要的多;you can always return what you don't use.


Tip #2.Keep daily use items in sight and random items stored away.

If there is anything that you use once or more every day,try to keep that very accessible.For me,这是我的面部喷雾和油,我的日常化妆(很多时候我只使用一些产品)and things like cotton balls and bobby pins.

I keep things like my hair blow dryer,全套化妆系列,还有多余的错配毛巾。没人需要一直看到这些。🙂

浴室组织技巧尖端3。Store like items together.

For some reason I struggle with this one.But when I force myself to evaluate my items and how they are used,它帮助我更有效地组织它们。This is great for scatter-brained people who are always misplacing something!!


尖端4。Keep it simple.每季最小化!!

This is the tip I am most passionate about.In the past year,我扔掉了大量的化妆品、沐浴用品和身体用品,而这些化妆品、沐浴用品和身体用品只是放在我的橱柜里等着过期(或者已经过期了——哎呀!!)

既然拥有更少,I have noticed it's easier to get ready.I only have a couple nail polish options,a couple lipstick options and a couple blush options.这就是我所需要的!I don't know why I hung on to things in the past – I think it was the guilt of having spent money on it.But that guilt only creates clutter.

Every season throw away everything in your bathroom that you aren't using!Don't think,just throw.我保证你会喜欢更多空间的感觉,less options (especially when they're options you don't even want),更具组织性的空间。



Lately I have been working on my morning routine.Everyone is different,but I want to be able to get ready in about fifteen minutes every day – so basically lightning speed (not including shower times because anyone who has thick hair knows that adds,像,一个小时!)我想为这一天做好准备,cute enough (I'm not worried about looking super done up,但我也不想因为在咖啡店碰到了我认识的一群人而感到尴尬,感觉新鲜。

Currently I don't have as many morning rituals as I would like.Besides savoring my morning coffee and scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed,我觉得我没有把足够的优先权放在让早晨特别和愉快上。

Some of my morning ritual goals include – laying out an outfit the night before,拉油,创造更好的,quicker beauty routine (especially for my hair – I tend to be all or nothing and wear messy buns most days!)and doing something to spark creativity and inspiration early in the day.

Evening routines are a little more established in my life.我很早就要睡觉了,每天晚上都能使用一些非常好的护肤品,而且总是在飞机上用我的手机睡觉。These small changes help me feel more rested and less stressed.我过去一直在与睡眠作斗争,这些习惯有助于改善我生活中的那部分很多。

我也经常使用this pillow mistand make it at home.It smells so good and is completely natural!!


我很想听听你的组织技巧和任何习惯,这些习惯使你的日常生活更加健康或快乐。You guys are amazing,我总是喜欢听你说什么对你有用!XX - Elsie

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson.摄影:Laura Gummerman.照片编辑vwin appA Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I appreciate these tips!!I kind of do this all day but I start in the morning right when I wake up and write down one thing I'm thankful for (in my ABM planner of course 😉 and just kind of continue through out the day and finish it off at night so it's like a morning and night routine.我试着写至少五件事(有时更多),发现这确实让我更加积极,每天都很容易被生活中的例行公事缠住,所以这样做真的帮助了我欣赏这些小事情。回顾我每天注意到的所有事情是很有趣的。

  • Raskog多功能车是我最喜欢的宜家产品之一。它用途广泛,可用于厨房,bathroom and even a nursery to hold diapers and such.很完美!!

  • No joke there is some horror movie coming out and all I could think about in the trailer was them using this lil ikea cart for the bathroom.就像拖车里的每一个场景,我都笑了!I want one of these so badly!我得去拿一个,这样我才能更好地整理我的浴室!!I'm definitely trying to keep it simple!!

  • 我这周刚开始尝试一种新的早晨习惯,我爱它。我根本不是一个早起的人,但我已经提前30分钟起床了,所以我可以做大约5个日光浴和一点日光浴。然后我在准备的时候喝一些热柠檬水。I also made a happy mellow playlist to accompany the whole thing,这使早晨更有趣!!

  • I would spend all day walking around in ikea if you let me XD morning/evening routines are the best 🙂 I always do my face washing/moisturizing routine morning and night,and fill out a gratitude journal.My failed new year's resolution this year was to do yoga each morning… maybe next year/this summer 🙂 pretty bathroom

  • 大多数时候我也会把头发盘成一个凌乱的发髻!我还没来得及摇那个脏兮兮的小面包呢!!!!

  • 对!我也有一个早晨播放列表!!我还有一首非常缓慢而快乐的警歌,它能让我轻松地进入白天,这样我就不会那么突然/严厉地醒来——我发现这让我更快乐。I also take 10 minutes to sit on the top of my stairs in the backyard with my coffee – I close my eyes and practice being mindful,在完成至少一件我很感激的事情之前。The last thing,or one of the first thing is to light my oil burner so that I have a lovely scent in the house.我使用一个不同的一个晚上,当我🙂回家

  • 我的浴室是我家里急需组织的地方!I actually used to have a very organized bathroom…until I moved.我的橱柜空间缩小了一半,我再也没有抽屉了!如果有一个地方我在家里重做了,这将是浴室!有一件事对我很有效,那就是在水槽下买储物容器。I was able to organize a my bottled of product without just sticking it under the sink.My next task is buying shelves and some cute bins to store my everyday makeup in to get it off the counter!!


  • I love seeing what you have chosen to keep after your purge!在我完成美容产品之前,我也感到让它们过期的羞耻,这是最糟糕的!!!!This is the reason I stopped wearing makeup completely,I just can't use it up in time.现在我每六个月清理一次美容产品和橱柜,and I do my Mom's bathroom because she keeps things forever.只是想鼓励在场的所有人,在把未使用过的新鲜产品扔掉之前,把它们捐给当地的妇女收容所。Toiletries can be a huge blessing to women all over who don't have access to money for self care.

    Your bathroom looks so cute!!!我用同一辆手推车来存放园艺用品,and it is the BEST.
    xo Nicole

  • “I think it was the guilt of having spent money on it.但这种内疚只会造成混乱。”“


    Of course by bathroom could be more organized.🙂

  • 我喜欢这个主意和建议。Man would I love to do this.My instant thought,with having three active girls under the age of 5,真是一场灾难。I invision to towels constantly in a pile on the floor and my containers going missing only to find them in the bath tub or full of mid in the back yard.

    I would love too see kid friendly/proof decore ideas.For now will pin this and keep it stored for the future.

  • 我喜欢这辆小车!I always see it and I want it for every room of my house.我也非常喜欢用罐子来储存浴室用品!When I moved to college,my mom made me a bunch of jars of different sizes for Qtips,绷带,药膏,etc,and painted all of the lids white so they'd go together.自从我有了他们的软肋。

    I agree with the nighttime routine as well.这是我一直在努力改善的事情。

  • Awesome!谢谢你的提示!!
    I was wondering though how you are liking the setup with the trolley??
    I know they're on the shorter side and you need to bend down to even reach the middle layer and it's not necessarily 100% visible from the top.这不方便吗??

  • Elsie,,
    PLEASE tell me this is not really what your bathroom consists of….我的浴室一团糟,不知道该如何处理我不再喜欢的产品。do i toss them?donate them?嗯……其他的护发产品呢,比如卷发棒,blow dryer.矫直机?I don't see those anywhere here…
    i was REALLY looking forward to seeing useful tips for a REAL bathroom,not a pretty put together one with Ikea products.

  • So lovely,我的浴室里也有极简主义者和化妆选择,而且很简单。This year I have started a morning ritual of waking up 20 min earlier,做10分钟的伸展和力量训练,然后喝两杯水,这是一天的好开始,给我的早晨一种非常需要的平静感。I read another creative say that she tried choosing outfits the night before but then found that she missed that creative start to her today so perhaps you could flip that around and try it as your creative start 🙂 xxx

  • Totally!当我们翻新的时候,我们确实移除了相当多的存储空间,but honestly we don't need them!我宁愿把它编辑下来,也不愿把我不使用的东西放满橱柜。
    XX - Elsie

  • 哈哈!这是一个过程。Right now my closets are kind of messy and I need to work on them.But as soon as I finish them there will be another space that needs attention.:))
    XX - Elsie

  • Hey Sita,,
    This is only a part of my storage.我的梳妆台上还有三个抽屉,其余的浴室用品都放在那里。For this nook in my space this cart is probably as large as I could fit so it really works for the space and it's a lot better than just having a blank wall there,so no I would not call it inconvenient.🙂 xx- Elsie

  • 嗨,林恩,,
    So like I said in the post,我把很多东西放在浴室的其他地方。我们有一个带三个抽屉的梳妆台(用于熨斗之类的东西,化妆品等)以及我们衣橱里的一些东西(比如一个必要但很少使用的蒸笼)。

    This post is not meant to be a tour of my entire bathroom as it's not quite ready to be toured yet.这是我真正的浴室(尽管,yes,我为这篇文章做了很明显的清洁和样式设计),这些都是真正有用的提示。

    Thanks for reading!Elsie

  • I own this same cart and I also use it in my bathroom.它装的太多了,看起来很棒。The first shelf I use for a makeup counter,the second is for all of my hair tools,and the third is storage for toilet paper,女士用品,等。

  • One of the best things I ever did was pare down my bathroom stuff massively – a good facial oil,my favourite lotion – and get rid of old stuff,or stuff with ingredients I didn't like.我没有用它们,但我不想让他们“浪费”,so they were going to waste just sitting there!我不得不承认,now,如果我得到一份我真的不会用的化妆品礼物,I donate it.No clutter,no waste!!

  • 当我准备从伊利诺伊州一个小城市的2200平方英尺的房子搬到堪萨斯城的中心时,I'm kind of terrified about living in about half the space we currently have,所以这些想法真的很棒,尤其是我们将拥有的小而老的浴室。(And,um,随意为厨房做另一个版本;))

    Have you read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo?我发现它非常有助于缩小规模,只保留你真正需要和欣赏的物品。我觉得你一定会喜欢的!!


  • 这真是一个聪明可爱的主意!Do you have any ideas for storing hair dryers and straighteners?I don't have any shelving or medicine cabinets in my bathroom so these items always end up in a bin on the floor with unruly cords.

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